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News and Events: 


Next general meeting is on January 14 at 9:30am at Robinson cafeteria.


Thank You For Using Our Amazon Link!

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Many Thanks To Our Volunteers And Happy Holidays!  


We had many wonderful volunteers that made last week events a success!  


Carolyn Deady and Michelle Fahy co chaired a great book fair at J/J that raised over $4,000!

Kate Allen Chaired the J/J teacher dinner and many parents brought in delicious food and treats for the teachers. 

Gretchen Kalogeras and Kateena Almeida co chaired the Robinson teacher appreciation dinner.   

Again, many thanks to all of the parents that helped make the dinner possible by bringing in many delicious dishes. 

These teacher dinners are very appreciated by the teachers and staff at both schools!


Thank you and Happy Holidays! 

MESA President Jenn Walsh


Bring In Your Box Tops!


At the Robinson, we will be collecting December Box Tops through December 24th.  Bring in your Box Tops to see who the winner of the Traveling Box Top Contest will be!  You can drop off your Box Tops in your classroom or by the entrances to the school.


At the Jordan Jackson, please drop off your Box Tops at the entrances to the school. 


Thank you for your help in making Box Tops such a successful program at our schools and Happy Holidays! 


Mary Dalton, Yvette Politis, Kate Allen and Antonia Blinn

Thank You For Supporting MESA!