Genevieve's is our Wrap/Gift fundraiser provider.  We think you will be very pleased with the large selection and popular product lines offered this year.

All students in grades K-5 will receive a Genevieve's fundraising kit on September 18th.  Interested and curious about our new vendor?  You may start shopping NOW.  It's EASY.
Simply click on the link below and enter our schools' code so that all sales will benefit MESA. Happy browsing...happy shopping!  Thank you for your support.


Our school receives the profit now, and from all additional purchases through May 2013.

Genevieve's has also made it easy for you to share this website with friends and family!
Click on "Email Family and Friends" on their site and complete the online forms to create a unique
Student ID link for each child or student. Send out emails asking for support of the fundraiser and 
when someone orders, your child's/student's details are automatically populated into the check-out

Here's the benefit:
When a friend or relative orders online through the Student ID link supplied in your email, 
you will receive E-mail Notification of the online order. (FYI, the e-mail notification will occur once the order is retrieved and updated Monday through
Friday into the fundraising software.)

Thank YOU for your generous support of our school's fundraiser!