Amazon Program

Finding deals at Amazon?  

Make that deal even better by having Amazon contribute up to 10% of your purchase amount to MESA.

How does this work? 


  • If you use Amazon Smile directly, use and bookmark this link (instead), to get to the Smile site.  MESA will earn up to 10% comission on your purchase AND your deignated Smile designated charity (MESA or any other) will still earn an additional 0.5% of your purchase.
  • Shop and place items in your cart.
  • Check out… you are all set and MESA will earn a % of your purchase.  The higher our sales volume the larger % that we earn on each sale.  No purchase is too small to help. Thank You!  See commission amounts HERE.
  • MESA has earned about $1,800 per year through this program!  Think how much our schools would earn if all our members remembered to use our link! 

 More info

  • You must place items in cart after you enter via our link for MESA to get credit for your purchase and the purchase has to be completed within 24 hours.
  • You will NOT see any indication that you are shopping via the MESA link once you begin navigating the site, but if you entered via our link, MESA will receive commission.
  • MESA has no access to personal information of any kind.  Your purchases are completely anonymous.
  • If you leave our link and re-enter through a new link, MESA will not get credit for additions to your cart.