Plimoth Plantation

posted Mar 2, 2018, 8:23 AM by MESA Secretary
In-school field trips/enrichment programs are sponsored annually by MESA. MESA spends over $15,000 every year to bring exciting STEAM assemblies to all of the students at the Robinson and Jordan/Jackson. 

On February 27th and March 1st, the Pilgrims came to visit our 5th Grade classes.  The pilgrim portrayed a resident of 1624 Plimoth Colony.  The pilgrim spoke with a regional, English dialect of the 17th century and wore accurate reproduction clothing to bring the world of Pilgrims to life. Using reproduction artifacts to enhance the classroom's experience, the pilgrim shared their story, from hiring the Mayflower in England, through the journey and the first winter, to Thanksgiving in Plymouth. As a highlight of the program, several students were invited to try on Colonial clothing!