One Book One Grade - A Fish in A Tree Gives Fifth Graders a Shared Perspective

posted Dec 8, 2015, 4:22 AM by MESA Corresponding Secretary
During November, the entire fifth grade had the opportunity to read the book, A Fish in a Tree, by  Lynda Mullaly Hunt.  The book, about a girl struggling with dyslexia and related social insecurities was very well received by students.  J/J's halls came alive with weekly creativity boards asking for students to share their thoughts about the characters and their struggles and successes.  Creating this giant book club each year through our One Book, One Grade program is a very rewarding project for MESA.  It is a pleasure for us to see the kids carrying their books around and discussing what they are reading with their friends.  MESA purchased a book for every 5th grade student and their teachers to keep. 

We are grateful to MESA members Alycia Dancey, Kathy Jones, and Erica Marzella for their time and effort creating the calendars, teacher/parent letters, and especially updating our boards each week.  A special thank you to Tara  Kanevski  for creating some of our artwork and, of course, the fifth grade teachers, many of whom spent significant class time reading and discussing this book so that our students could really enjoy and benefit from this experience.  Thank you!