2nd Grade Math and Science Night -- Thank you!!

posted Mar 17, 2017, 5:30 AM by MESA Secretary
On Monday, March 13th, Michael, from Top Secret Science out of Woburn came back to the Robinson Elementary School to conduct several science experiments with our second graders. Each child sat at a table with their own set of materials, which allowed them to conduct all the experiments themselves.

During the hour and a half long program the students got to use magnets to make a paperclip fly, learned about optical illusions and "put a hole in their hand". They tried really hard to get kinetic sand wet, but no matter what they did the sand stayed dry! They also made cups fly and watched jelly marbles grow. The night ended with a pretty cool number trick. 

The kids had so much fun that they probably didn't realize that they were in fact learning about science and math! Thank you to the second graders and their adults who attended the fun night and thank you to Top Secret Science for teaching our students in such a fun manner!