1st Grade Math & Science Night - Thank You!

posted Mar 10, 2017, 5:24 AM by MESA Secretary
On Monday, March 6th, Michael, from Top Secret Science out of Woburn came to the Robinson Elementary School to conduct several science experiments with the first grade students.  Each child sat at a table with their own set of materials, which allowed them to conduct all the experiments themselves. 

The night started with making instant snow!  The students learned about how combining two substances can create a chemical reaction.  They talked about how when the red food-colored water was combined with a polymer (they learned a new big word, too!), called sodium polyacrylate, a fluffy, warm, pink substance was created!  And it increased in volume too!  The students also created their own paper helicopters that looked like real helicopters floating to the ground when thrown up in the air. They learned how to balance popsicle sticks on their fingers and noses and how to keep a ping pong ball in the air with a straw, using the force of their own breath! The first grade students learned a lot about basic science concepts, without even realizing how much they were learning, because they were having so much fun!  

Thank you to the first graders and their adults who attended the fun night and thank you to Top Secret Science for teaching our students in such a fun manner!